We are pleased to announce the release of WIRESWARM 6.0.

The WIRESWARM 6.0 release includes the following new functionality:

New Exchange Adapters

In addition to the existing list of crypto adapters WIRESWARM 6.0 now includes the following crypto exchange adapters


Crypto derivatives exchange for options and futures


A Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange with offices in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and the United States


A Malta-based crypto derivatives and spot exchange


A global crypto derivatives and spot exchange


A Korea-based cryptocurrency exchange now serving the global market

Level II Order Book

WIRESWARM now offers full support for Level II Order Book data for all market data adapters. The new WIRESWARM UI Order Book widget shows you all BUY and SELL orders available at each price level.

Aggregated Order Book

We have also added an Aggregated Order Book which combines Order Book data from various exchanges into a single chart showing you the combined liquidity available in the market.

The Aggregated Order Book is now also available to Execution Algos and allowing them to select the best trading venue based on available market liquidity.

Integration Of Hazelcast Cache

By integrating Hazelcast as our new caching layer we have increased both of simulation and live trading speed by a factor of 5 to 10 (depending on the specific use cases).

Additional Minor New Features

We have also added the following useful features

  • Reference data for Cryptos can now be downloaded automatically upon startup to make sure you always have the latest contract data available.

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