We are pleased to announce the release of WIRESWARM 5.2. This release further improves your trading and execution experience.

OTC RFQ functionality

  • The platform now has full support for RFQ (request for quote) processes supported by many OTC market makers and brokers. Through this new functionality quotes can be requested from one or multiple counterparties with a click of a button. Quotes returned from the trading partner can then be intuitively selected through the UI or by your strategy whereby corresponding orders are automatically generated and routed through the appropriate adapter.
  • The first two OTC adapters available are for B2C2 and Tilde / Grasshopper. These adapters support both RFQ as well as regular limit orders. B2C2 and Tilde are just the beginning. In the next release, additional RFQ adapters will become available.


  • The Binance adapter now has full support for both stop orders and margin trading.

User Interface

  • The TradingView chart now displays your orders and executions right on the chart.

The entire RFQ process mentioned above is now also available through the UI. Users can send a request for quote to multiple counterparties and then select the most favored quote through the UI and automatically place an order referencing the quote.

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