Zurich, Switzerland January, 8, 2020 – WIRESWARM (AlgoTrader AG), the institutional leader in digital asset trading and execution for banks, has completed a new round of financing from institutional growth investors.

This series A round totaling CHF 3.7 million was led by an undisclosed global Tier 1 bank and was joined by investiere, BlockChain Valley Ventures and the seed-round investor NeueCapital.

This series A round totaling CHF 3.7 million was led by an undisclosed global tier 1 bank.

Founded by Andy Flury, AlgoTrader consists of two business lines; one for for traditional finance and the other for crypto finance. AlgoTrader is well known for its leading quantitative strategy design, testing, automation and trade execution platform across all asset classes. AlgoTrader’s rich functionality and superior modular architecture allows both the buy-and sell-side to fully automate their trading strategies and trade execution processes in a sophisticated and costefficient platform.

“Since our inception, AlgoTrader has built one of the world’s most powerful quantitative trading and trade execution platforms on the market. We are excited about the trust of our investors to receive this new round of capital and build upon our leadership in five key areas: vision, product, customer support, partnerships with a team of industry experts.”, says Andy Flury, CEO & Chairman of the Board of Directors of AlgoTrader.

With this trust from the investors, AlgoTrader will continue its growth and expansion to strengthen the financial hub and the digital asset ecosystem of both Switzerland and other countries together with its network of strong partners, for both traditional and crypto finance.

“Our parliament will soon vote on a set of laws that would put Switzerland far ahead of any other jurisdiction when it comes to the issuance of crypto securities. AlgoTrader is well-positioned to benefit from this development as it provides the essential building blocks for traders to tap not only into traditional markets, but also into the emerging world of decentralized, blockchain-based finance.”, amplifies Luzius Meisser, Member of the Expert Council of Swiss Blockchain Federation Board Member AlgoTrader, Board Member at Bitcoin Suisse and Founder of Meisser Economics.

The board of directors of WIRESWARM (AlgoTrader) is strengthened by the appointment of Roger Altorfer.

WIRESWARM (AlgoTrader) is pleased to announce the appointment of Roger Altorfer to the Board of Directors of WIRESWARM (AlgoTrader AG). Roger Altorfer is member of the Executive Committee of Microsoft Switzerland and is leading the Customer Success Organisation. Roger now completes the Board of Directors.

This newly elected Board of Directors now consists of the following Board Members; Andy Flury (Chairman of the Board), Luzius Meisser,Martin Trepp and Roger Altorfer.

“It’s an honour for me to join the WIRESWARM (AlgoTrader) Board and be part of such a dynamic and fast growing company. My twenty years of management and sales experience in an agile environment perfectly complements the skills of the AlgoTrader team.”, says Roger Altorfer, Board Member WIRESWARM (AlgoTrader) and Member of the Executive Committee at Microsoft Switzerland.

Roger originally started his career within the Swiss Banking industry where he held various positions in Operations and Trading departments of Swiss Banks. For more than ten years, he worked for a large Consulting and System Integrator as a Consulting Partner where he was responsible for large business and IT transformation projects within the Financial Services sector. He joined Microsoft in 2013 and advises large customers on their journey to the Cloud. He became a trusted advisor for many customers and a thought leader within the marketplace.

“With the addition of Roger Altorfer, we have gained a proven software and financial industry expert. I am already looking forward to working with Roger and I am sure he will be a great asset and an important pillar for the future success of WIRESWARM (AlgoTrader).”, concludes Andy Flury, CEO & Chairman of the Board of Directors of WIRESWARM (AlgoTrader).

WIRESWARM (AlgoTrader) believes that with this support and investment, it will continue to lead the market for institutional digital asset trading and trade execution solutions.

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