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The institutional leader in digital asset trading and execution for banks

WIRESWARM’s advanced order- and execution management system (OEMS) provides a robust mission-critical gateway for trading and execution of digital assets. It enables banks, brokers, OTC desks and market makers to connect to and interact seamlessly with the world’s most liquid and regulated digital asset and cryptocurrency trading and execution venues.
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The digital asset market is evolving

As the number of cryptocurrency exchanges expands and therefore liquidity becomes increasingly fragmented, institutional-grade trading and execution solutions are needed more than ever.

Research indicates that only 30% of cryptocurrency trading is conducted through exchanges, with the remaining 70% being traded through brokers, over-the-counter (OTC) trading desks and market makers. This fragmented market structure poses a number of challenges to institutions that require reliable connectivity to a comprehensive set of trading and execution venues.

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Technical and operational challenges

With a myriad of trading and execution venues to consider, and numerous technical and operational obstacles to overcome, building a comprehensive digital asset trading operation can be a prohibitively lengthy and expensive undertaking. To ensure best execution is achieved, banks, brokers and market makers must connect to a comprehensive array of trading and execution venues. Financial institutions need to minimize risks, accelerate time-to-market, reduce costs and increase revenues, while also meeting stringent regulatory requirements. In order to compete, these organizations are seeking technology partners to provide institutional-grade solutions that can help support their growing digital asset businesses.

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WIRESWARM is the solution

WIRESWARM is an advanced order- and execution platform for trading and execution of crypto- and digital assets. It allows financial institutions to maintain a single “always-on” connection with all major digital asset liquidity providers such as exchanges, brokers, OTC desks and market makers. Using WIRESWARM, a financial institution can choose the optimal counterparties with which to place orders, thereby ensuring best execution for clients.

WIRESWARM’s institutional-grade infrastructure provides a robust mission-critical gateway for trading and execution of digital assets. It enables banks, brokers, OTC desks and market makers to connect to and interact seamlessly with the world’s most liquid and regulated digital asset and cryptocurrency trading and execution venues, allowing them to offer a full suite of services based around these assets.


Liquidity venues


Crypto currency pairs


Global Support


A single normalized FIX connection links WIRESWARM to a financial institution’s core, delivering seamless and secure access to a comprehensive array of exchanges, market makers and brokers. Only one connection is needed to gain access to the entire market.


WIRESWARM enables financial institutions to decide how and when to trade, either directly with an exchange or via an intermediary, using WIRESWARM’s advanced Smart Order Routing and execution logic.


WIRESWARM allows institutions to define and deploy unique customized execution algos to meet their specific needs. Together with WIRESWARM’s lightning-fast execution, this gives institutions confidence that orders are always correctly executed via the most regulated and liquid venues.


Giving financial institutions the right tools to navigate the digital asset trading landscape with ease.

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Solving financial institutions biggest problems and challenges in digital asset trading.

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Liquidity and connectivity provider

Wide range of supported crypto exchanges, crypto brokers, crypto market makers and crypto data providers.

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Order and execution management

Flexible order management so you can execute any order in any market globally.

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Smart-Order-Routing, execution algos and RFQ

Wide range of Best Execution capabilities to execute large orders with minimal price impact.

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Business functions, automation and risk management

Fully automated hedging and configurable pre-trade check risk management.

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User interface and

Highly configurable trading UI with charting, full order book, reference data and historical data management.

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Advanced features

Extensive list of advanced features institutional market participants typically need.

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Security, High availability and performance

Reliable and robust system built on multi-threaded, memory efficient, highly concurrent infrastructure.

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APIs and integration

Multiple API options for seamless integration into existing infrastructure by using standard technology.

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Installation and deployment

On-Premise or Private Cloud deployment to fully protect order flow, API and private keys.

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Our partners

WIRESWARM has become a trusted partner and supports us in a number of projects.

The WIRESWARM team provides a tailor-made Digital Asset Trading and Execution Platform for banks, which will be an optimal solution for every bank.

Seamus Donoghue, METACO

With WIRESWARM, we offer access to the markets for new asset classes such as cryptocurrencies and security tokens through a standard API. Clients can enter orders through their online banking. The Avaloq software will then route these orders to WIRESWARM which will trade it over several exchanges and brokers, to get the best execution price.

Philippe Meyer, Avaloq

The partnership with WIRESWARM will allow Banks to gain greater exposure to Digital Assets via a single connection providing them with unparalleled access to best execution for their clients including seamless access to our margined Bitcoin Swaps, which will be listed on our exchange due to launch later in 2020.

Tassat Group , Tassat

With more institutions entering the crypto derivatives markets, we are glad to partner with WIRESWARM.

Multi-platform solutions like WIRESWARM allow these new institutions a hassle-free entry to the crypto space and Deribit in particular without sacrificing functionalities, reliability, or customisability.

Luuk Strijers, Deribit

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By delivering a comprehensive feature set, along with the mission-critical robustness and support that institutions demand, WIRESWARM is the one-stop-shop solution for any organization interested in offering a secure, flexible, fast and efficient digital asset trading, custody or portfolio management service.

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Swarm intelligence

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